Variable Font Family Name

When exporting a variable font, ‘Regular’ is added after the Family name.
I tried the ‘Variable Font Family Name’ parameter, but it didn’t change.
Is there a way to fix this?

The “Regular” shouldn’t be added when you have a Variable Font Family Name parameter. Where did you specify it? It has to go to the Font section in Font Info.

That’s where I have specified it.

What version of Glyphs do you have?

2.6.1 (1199)

Or use variableStyleName to overwrite the Regular.

Where exactly did the “Regular” show up?

At export it shows up directly after the Family Name.
If Font > Family Name is Example, then it becomes Example Regular.
The instance naming is untouched.

It might just add the instance to the name? What is the file name?

There is no instance named Regular. The file name is the family name, plus a number (version).

In the file name, you mean? Or where?

No. In the exported font.

So you mean the font menu of the app where you use the font?

Can you have a look in the font file to see that is in the name table?

I received the font files and having a look.