“Variable Font File Name” has no effect

It seem that setting “Variable Font File Name” in Glyphs 3 has no effect, the exported file still FontGX.ttf. It works as expected in Glyphs 2.

GX is also a wired default, especially for Glyphs 3.

This parameter is deprecated and you should use the fileName parameter in the variable export settings. (I removed it from the font parameters list).
What do you suggest as a suffix?

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Didn’t know about variable exports.

Fontmake uses VF which I think is better.

@GeorgSeifert where in G3 are the Variable Export Settings? And how can one change the name of the variable font file the way “VariableFileName” parameter did in G2?

In the Exports settings, click the “+” in the lower left and one.

Ah! I didn’t even know there is a Variable Font Setting in the Exports tab. OK.