Variable font file not showing all axes

I have a variable font with three axes: weight, width and contrast. The exported variable font .ttf-file works as intended at least in Font Goggles, Font Gauntlet, Samsa and Indesign.

The source file also works as it is supposed to in Glyphs, but if I open the variable font .ttf-file in Glyphs, the layers panel seems to be missing part of the contrast axis.

Am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 15.12.07

Why are you opening .ttf in Glyphs ?

The internal structure in a variable font is quite different than what you would set up in Glyphs. So decompiling it will look different.

Thanks for your replies.

I’m preparing to hand in the font file for evaluation/grading, and wanted to make sure that the file is okay. But if this is how the .ttf-file should behave in Glyphs, then no problem.

As long as your exported file works fine in apps such as Font Gauntlet, Font Googles, InDesign (not 19.0, because that has massive bugs), etc., you’re good. You should never open compiled font files in Glyphs to verify things. Otherwise, consider using (also available as a command line tool) for quality assurance.

Fontbakery seems like a very good source for information and quality assurance. Some things might be too specific for my need at this point, but this is something I have been looking for, so thank you!