Variable font if one master has kerning, all other masters must have too?

Hi there,
I have a strange problem with a Glyphs-file.
When a glyph in on Master has a kerning pair all other Masters do need also a kerning pair.
If not when exporting the kerning pair will not be displayed.

Does anybody came along this problem?

I have set up a test glyphs-file, it contains the letter v and o.
There is only one master with a pair v+o (-300 units).

thank you,

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? I worked on that.

I’ve tried the cutting edge version (1300) .
Unfortunately the problem is still there.

There’s a Mekkablue script called Kerning > Zero Kerner. Try that perhaps. In some cases it’s not enough. You can trick the algorithm by adding -1 kerning in these cases.

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I just tried it and it works fine.

…you are right Georg.
The version 1300 did the trick.
I probably did not save the glyph file under the version 1300 and just exported the files.
Because of this it still did not work at the first attempt :relaxed:

Thanks as always for the great support,