variable font in hand writing

Can I make variable font in hand writing - having several versions of each font to make it look natural ?

Hello, what exactly do you mean by “several versions of each font”?

Several versions that will look slightly different at the beginning /end/middle of a word so it will look more authentic - for a handwriting . I guess I haven’t read the tutorials yet - I’m new to the program - but maybe you can refer a certain section for this attribute. Tnx

That would not be a job for a variable font (the sliders are for changing the whole font, not individual letters), but for an OpenType feature. It can substitute glyphs depending on its context. There are tutorials about OT features in the Learn section.

Rainer is referring to this tutorial: Features, Part 3: Advanced Contextual Alternates | Glyphs

The idea is that you have multiple alternates for each letter which get mixed together. This creates the “random” look of a handwritten typeface where no two letters look the same.