Variable Font Italic axis and switching glyphs

I’m having problems generating a working variable font where a glyph should switch its form on the Italic axis. I have two axes, Weight and Italic. My glyph is set up this way (the Italic axis ranges from 0 to 100 in Glyphs master positions):

Is that incorrect?

In the FeatureVariation entry of the exported font, the feature seems to be assigned to axis 0 (Weight) instead of axis 1, and the switch happens at 1.99994 instead of 0.4 (40/100)

  <Version value="0x00010000"/>
  <!-- FeatureVariationCount=1 -->
  <FeatureVariationRecord index="0">
      <!-- ConditionCount=1 -->
      <ConditionTable index="0" Format="1">
        <AxisIndex value="0"/>
        <FilterRangeMinValue value="1.99994"/>
        <FilterRangeMaxValue value="1.0"/>

The source file is at

Exporting to static instances switches the glyph correctly.

The specification says the value of the ital axis must be either 0 or 1. But the usual practice is to put roman and italic in separate files.

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The switching works correctly only for the first axis.