Variable Font Masters

Hello everyone

I’m working on a variable font with weights ranging from UltraLight(250) to Extrablack(1000) (in between are: Thin(300), Light(350), Regular(400), Medium(500), Bold(700) & Black(900)). I am satisfied with the extreme masters (Ultralight & Extrablack) & their weight however the Regular weight is too thin. Would it make sense to design a master for the regular weight? Since I now have 2 masters I can finally use the RMX Tool, which should enable me to draw a consistent regular master with the scaler/tuner?
Or would it be smarter to actually trying to achieve the desired weights by changing the weights of the interpolations?

As always thanks a lot!

You don’t need a new master. You need to shift the position you get for the instances by using a “Axis Mappings” parameter.