Variable font not working well


I’m having trouble generating a Variable Font with Weight and Slant axis which works properly in InDesign.

For one, it seems that when I removed the Italic axis and replaced with a Slant axis, the Italic axis remained in the STAT table (3 axis in total instead of 2, but only in STAT, no sliders). Now I renamed the Slant axis back to Italic, and I have again 2 axis.
In InDesign, interpolation with sliders works only if I’m not at the origin of the Italic axis.
If I start by moving the weight slider, the font snaps to the Regular weight and nothing moves anymore.

I would like to be able to rename the axis to Slant, and that it interpolates properly. Can I send the font to someone so you’ll have a look?
Thank you.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Just sent, thank you!

The file you send me works fine in Indesign when exported with the latest cutting edge version.
The second file, with the many masters is crazy. Don’t do that.

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