Variable Font Origin, font name removal

Hi All,

Is there are away to adjust the Font Family name in a variable font so that the variable font origin style name isn’t appended to it? It’s not very useful to have the additional style name appended—in my case ‘Compressed Thin’—as it’s just one extreme of many and clutters up the font name.

I’m most concerned about the name the users see but it’s also appended to:
Postscript name
Unique font identifier
Full font name
Typographic Subfamily name

The spec expects the font to be set up like if it has no variable tables. So several of the name table entries need to reflect the “default” instance.

Where do you see that instance name in the font menu?

I think I might be running into a similar problem with the variable fonts for Ysabeau as described in this GitHub issue. Any ideas?

Thankfully, it’s not in the menu itself but does appear to users when selecting the font, as per below.

Can you try to set a “Full Name” parameter in the Variable Export setting?

That worked Georg, thank you!