Variable font PDF export clipping issues (Adobe)

Hey all,

I’m seeing issues with PDF export when using Variable Fonts. This doesn’t seem to be a GlyphsApp issue, but generally applicable to Adobe software exporting PDFs. I was wondering if any of you have run into this and if there is anything one can do to the font to prevent this.

On the top, a static instance from the font. The K_O.liga exports fine. Then for the bottom a VF is used, and the cut off for the character box in the generated PDF seems to not respect the actual glyph width. As you can see with the lowest instance, Adobe seems to pick “some width” for the entire font (my guess: the width of KO in the default instance without the ligature applied) and the PDF has cut text box cut offs beyond that where glyphs runs have been modified with replacements, e.g. the K_O.liga.

I’ve confirmed that for example Word for Mac (!!!) generated PDFs from with this ligature that does not have any faulty cut off.

Anybody run into this? Any remedy except waiting for Adobe to do something?

the only “remedy” is to use the widest master as default.