Variable Font Preview not working

Hi everyone.

I’m currently starting to work on a variable font with Glyphs and I was planning on using @Mark 's plug-in Preview Variable Font but apparently it is not working as expected. It does only show the extremes of my axis in the preview in the editing window and the dragged frame to see the preview of the character also doesn’t show it.

Here’s an image of it. The slider is in the middle of the axis and there’s no preview in the top frame:

Does someone else have this problem too? Any help?

Thank you so much!

Ok, I solved the preview of with the slider making the compatibility work through masters but the problem with the preview on top is still there.

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Can you please specify what’s not working? I don’t really understand. What’s a dragged frame?

Apparently, the top preview of the character is not showing anything. In the screenshot I’ve posted it should appear the preview in negative just as it does in the bottom part, right?

a) Is there anything written in the Macro Window? Or anything in the System Console (you can filter for “Glyphs” or “Variable” there)

b) Still nothing if you

  • change the panel size,
  • scroll in the Edit Tab,
  • put the Text Cursor anywhere but at the end of the line of your Text,
  • temporarily change some Axis Values or switch between opened fonts?

c) Is it possible to send me the file (just a dummy copy with this one glyph only) so I can reproduce. Otherwise I cannot really find the problem. No one reported that before.

@Ricard_Garcia from your screenshot I also see that you have a very old version of the plugin. I’ll send you an e-Mail right now, please let me know if you didn’t get one.