Variable font, problem with masters after exporting

Hi there. I have a problem after exporting a variable font. Export to GX is succesfull, but two master look incorect. In Glyphs file looks everything correct – interpolation is working. There are four axes, 24 master together. Problem is the first one axis towards to the extremes (-100 / 100), in the middle (zero value) is a third master which is correct after export, and the rest of masters as well.

Here is a preview from Glyphs
and the same positions after exporting:

Thank in advance for your help! :wink:

Off Topic: How can you show sliders in glyphs?

There’s a node index plugin, might help

You can use plugin Variable Font Preview:

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The variable font export in glyphs only supports three axis at the moment.

Thank you Georg. I have not known that.