Variable Font problems (crashing, weird behaviours)


I’m making my first variable font and i’m having some problems:

  1. Variable Font without instances:
  • In Illustrator, for some reason, when I play with the Axis it assumes instances that i don’t have in the font. And because of that Illustrator says i don’t have the font installed…
  • In Indesign, this does not happen…but it don’t recognise my custom Axis…only works width and weight.
  1. Variable font with instances:
  • If i export the font with instances set, Illustrator and Indesign always crashes when i’m using the Axis…

All this behaviours started to happen when i update the Glyphs App. The font was developed in version 3.6.3 and some early exported fonts never had issues. I updated to version 3.6.4 and since then all this behaviours started to happen.

What am i doing wrong?

Do you have a version of the font from the earlier version that did work? could you send men both, the old and the new .ttf that I can compare them?

Yes i have. How can i send you? it doesn’t allow me to upload files through here.

Send an email (to support at this domain) or a direct message in the forum.

Ok, I’ve send the email.

I was playing around with the old .tff font and, at some point, playing with the Axis it “creates” it’s own instances too:

I should have only the Regular.

In InDesign? The implementation is buggy and does not fully support TTF Variable fonts. To see if it is a problem in the font, you need to verify in a browser.

In Illustrator…i tried playing in and it does not work

The problem seems to be a to short axis tag. The “y-height” axis had a tag yht. It needs to be four letters. I’ll add a check to avoid this.