Variable font. Slow performance in Indesign

Hi, I just exported my two-axis variable font as a .ttf file, but when I dropped it in the Indesign font folder, the sliders to control the axis performed very slowly, making it hard to be accurate. It doesn’t happen with other variable fonts I have installed. However, when I used FontExplorer® as a font manager, it performed well in illustrator, whereas in InDesign the glyphs were invisible. Lastly, I tested the file in and Variable Font Preview for Glyphs 3, and everything worked normally. Does anyone have any idea about what the problem could be? Thank you!

It appears to be an issue with InDesign or with the way you installed the fonts (which might have caused font caches and that is slowing InDesign down somehow). Best to test with the Adobe Fonts Folder and if that also shows the slowness, install the fonts properly on the system, reboot, and if the issue persists in InDesign, it’s probably an Adobe issue.