Variable font, transformed components are not decomposed in export

I guess it’s there to help people keep variable fonts compatible. But I want to enforce decomposition of transformed components during export from glyphs, is it possible?

That should be done automatically. at least if the transformation is different in the masters.

the transformation is same in all the masters. It’s classic like rotated “E” for “Ereversed”. I want to keep it as component for design, but decomposed for export to get proper hinting.

You can add a “Decompose Components” parameter in the Variable export settings.

but that decomposes all of them or I need to manually define which I want to decompose. Just thought that this not an edge case to want transformed components decomposed in a variable font.

Sorry. I meant Decompose Glyphs. There you add a list of glyph that should be decomposed.

I would need to have decomposition applied after preFilter

Then you also can use a “Decompose;include:A,B,C” Filter.