Variable font: Virtual master & Intermediate layer help

Hey I’m on Glyphs 3 (3.0.4 (3098)) and I’ve been scratching my head at this deceivingly simple question. I have a font with an italic master and a virtual master called flop. Flop ranges from 0-100. In turn _part.flopper gets “animated” in the normal master like so:

(The first zero being italic, and the value after the comma is the flop virtual master)

Notice how I’m using {0, 99} instead of {0, 100}.

Here in the gif below can see the flop axis is correctly going from 0 to 100 in terms of how I want things to progress through the timeline. But after 99 it jumps back to 0. Which is expected since it reflects the values we put in.

Now in my mind, I should be able to put in {0, 100} as the final value and it’ll stay at 100 when the flop axis is at 100. But in the gif below you can see that not much is happening. You cant even see the animation at all, as if the interpolation between 20 to 99 was completely ignored.

Question is. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong to get the desired effect?

Thank you!

Can you send me that file?

You have the axis backwards. I think you should set the default masters to zero on the flop axis and set the virtual master to 100. Then delete the {0, 0} layer and it should work as expected.

Basically the {0, 100} layer was on the same spot in the design space as the normal master.

Thats good progress. Only thing is the normal non-variable exports like the .otf files break. As seen in the preview screenshot.

Set the instance to 0 on the flop axis, too. And make sure you have a brace layer with {0, 100} in the _part.wagger, too.

Done and done, that seems to have fixed it! Thank you.