Variable font weirdness

Hi, I have a variable font with four axes: vertical width, horizontal width, crossbar height & overall width, all going from 0-100. The light and regular weights function fine, but the heavy weights are all distorted, with the crossbars dropping far below the baseline.

None of the masters or instances have coordinates past 100:

And everything looks fine in the static opentype versions:

Thoughts? I’ll email you guys the glyphs file. Thanks,


Glyphs does only properly support 3 axes.

Why is that? Is there any update coming on that soon?

Good to know, though this was happening before I added the fourth axis.

Now that G3 supports four axes, I’m revisiting this modular one…

Got it 99% of the way there, but there’s still a few shapes that bug out in Illustrator:

…despite interpolating properly in Glyphs, and all the start points being aligned:

I’ll email the file. Thanks in advance for any help.


no suggestions here?

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? It works fine for me.

Unfortunately, no. These shapes still bug out on the fourth axis.


Which program are you testing it in?


Still no luck getting these shapes to stop freaking out.

In what environment did it work for you?



What version of Glyphs do you use to export this?

When I export from the latest version (3062) it works fine for me.

I updated to 3.0.3 (3062) and now the app crashes upon opening the file. Mac OS 11.1 (M1 chip). I’ll email the error report.


This is fixed already. The update is almost out.

Ok the latest version does let me open the file again! Phew.

Output is unchanged in Illustrator, though.

Which program are you using to view and test it with?


I tested in illustrator and fontgoggles.