Variable font with 6 axes is making strange results after export

I am getting very strange results with a variable font.
I created a font or actually a pictogram, with only one glyph (I used the glyph “a”).
The font has 6 axes and I created 64 masters for it.
The export is going well, but while using it only 3 axes can work with each other. When I start to use 4 or 6 axes, the font is getting really weird results. It starts to get all mixed up and the lines are just doing a chaos.
It doesn’t matter which 3 axes I use. It seems that it just can not work with more than 3 axes.
What am I doing wrong? Can somebody give me an advice?

The variable font export works currently, it is best to have a rectangular arrangement of masters and to avoid trapezoids or diagonal bounds of the design space. We had this in a thread here a while ago.

Update: Variable Font doesn't interpolate properly

Edit: i don’t know your design, but the whole idea of VF is to be able to add deltas to each other. So I guess that you will probably be able to do with less than all of these 64 masters.

Hi Rainer, thank you for your answer!
I fixed it now. It was the mistake with the 64 masters. I misunderstood it and thought that I have to do so many. Now it is working without problems.
Thank you!!!

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