Variable Font with multiple axes // third axes doesnt work anymore

Hey peeps,
I am experimenting with a variable Font with 3 axes (for now), but Im already having issues. The first two axes are working just fine, but when trying to slide the slider (in illustrator or font on the third one nothing changes.
The axes are structured as following:

  1. axis for the x height
  2. axis for serifs/sans serifs
  3. axis for the stroke contrast

Since I can only attach one media I uploaded some screenshots to dropbox:


Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Sure. I put in into the Dropbox Folder: Dropbox - regibility refined.glyphs - Simplify your life

Don’t be distracted by the chaos, for now it’s only about the “n”.
Thank you

Hi, I think this is because you chose optical size as the third axis. It’s a special kind of axis that generally responds to the font size, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some interfaces lock its behaviour. I have changed the third one to slant instead, and simplified the node structure of m and n while I’m at it. (The change from optical size to slant did the trick for me, both in AI and Font Gauntlet)

I used the registered axis tags following your file, but it may be better to use your own that describes your intention better. In that case, the custom axis tags should be all capital. If your human-readable name is Stroke Contrast, the tag will be something like CONT.
regibility refined.glyphs (87.9 KB)


The font works fine in fontgauntlet and FontGoggles for me.

But you should use the correct axis tags. As there are certain assumptions about the axis ranges for certain axis.

Thank you so much now everything works and looks super good. I just got started with Typedesign and Glyphs and English is not my firs language but I now I understand what the problem was.

Thanks again!