Variable Font with Multiple Axes

Hi all,
I’m working on a Variable Font that has multiple axes - for now, there is WEIGHT and a custom axis I called DRIP. When I export the font and test it in Illustrator, the Drip Variable axis works, but the Weight does not. (Drip was the second axis added. Weight did work when it was the only axis in the font).
I’ve got one three Masters (regular, drip, extended) and one Variable Font Export.
Any ideas on why one variable axis would work and not the other?

Note - When I test in FontGoggles, the Drip slider increases both the width and the drip, but the Width slider remains inactive.
Thanks in advance,

Have you checked the axis coordinates of all three masters? The drip and extended (why call it so when you have a weight axis, extended is usually on a width axis). Need to have one coordinate in common with the Regular. e.g. the Regular is at 400/0, the Extended is at 800/0 and the Drip is at 400/100.

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It was the coordinates. Thanks! And yes - extended is on Width - just mistyped that.
And “drip” is just for fun as some of the descenders look like they are dripping down when you use the variable sliders. It’s a 70s display inspired typeface.

Does it work with the suggested master coordinates?

I used Regular 400,0 Extended 1000,0 Drip 400,1000. (Because the design is quite extreme).