Variable font with two axis

Hello everyone!

I have a little problem when I try to export a variable font with two axis (weight and width), when I open it in Fontview the sliders don’t work whereas when I export a font with only a weight axis everything works fine.

Is it because it’s not implemented yet in Glyphs or is it a mistake I made?

Thanks and have a nice day!


Did you check for compatibility on both axes? If you cannot trace back the issue, please send us the file.

I fixed an issue just now. Maybe you where affected by it.

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Thanks a lot Georg! It works fine now!

Just another question, is it possible to add a third axis? For serifs for example?


I have the same problem above when using the latest version of the tool. And I Have checked for compatibility on both axes.

Please always supply the exact version number. See Glyphs > About Glyphs. Are you talking about Version 945?

I am talking about version 942. There is a bug that can not be upgraded to 945

Hi Mekkablue! Is the font file itself or the version 942 that causes this problem? Send you the font file?

What do you mean by this? Does the link not work for you?
Can you try again in 946?

There is a same problem when upgrading to version 947. See above.