Variable Fonts predefined axes in 2.4.2

I’m working on a variable font with two axes: Width and a Custom one named Stress.

In Glyphs 2.4.2 I have a message at exporting forcing to set Axes in Font Info. I have to keep the Weight / Width / Custom scheme because when I delete the Weight axis everything looks wrong. But it’s a bit confusing to have a master in Fontview or Axis Praxis that apparently doesn’t works.

Is there some way of deleting an unused default axis?

Thanks in advance,

You don’t need to delete any axis. The Axes parameter overwrites the axes names but the UI does not reflect that (yet). So if you have two axes, use the Weight axis for your Custom and the Width axis for Stress and ignore the fact that they have different names.

Yeah, it works OK now.

Thanks Georg!