Variable Fonts: Why does the 'Variation Font Origin' param use masters?


Why can’t we set the Variation Font Origin to the position of an instance? we can only set it to the pos of a master.

Many families only have masters on Extremes so we’re not able to set the Regular as the origin.

After skimming through the spec, this instance approach certainly feels possible.

This parameter determines which master is used to build the plain glyf table. There needs to be another parameter to set the defaults positions of the sliders.

Thank you Georg!

Have all the customParameters been documented?

I looked but couldn’t find anything

The handbook is in the works.

Any news on this?

@GeorgSeifert Any news on that? I would much appreciate the possibility to specify an instance as the variable origin, instead of a master. Same reason like @Marc_Foley mentioned above. Often we have only the extremes as master and would like to specify eg. the middle instance (Regular) as the default outlines.

Just saying: an Adobe bug forces us to use the first master (min value on all axes) as the origin. If you set as origin anything else, you get a weird Regular on top of everything. In this case I don’t even have any “Regular” instances, thanks Adobe for adding one for me.