Variable Logo Font Smooth transition


I have a font logo and I decided to make it variable using glyphs. I did all the masters and open it in illustrator and everything works, but when I pull the slider, there is no smooth transition from one style to another, everything starts to twitch, but the styles all work. The entire font logo has five characters and is taken as one glyph. Maybe there is a lot of objects in one glyph?

Please tell me what to do, how to fix it and make a smooth transition without twitching when you drag the slider.

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Does the display of the font on screen twitch? In that case, it may be a performance issue of Illustrator.

Do the paths of the glyphs not animate smoothly from one shape to another? In that case, consider modifying the variation axis with the Axis Mappings custom parameter. See:

Illustrator possibly does grid rounding. To some extent, there is not much you can do. But here are some quick ideas:

  1. increase the slider range
  2. enlarge the drawing
  3. increase UPM
  4. do not use any hinting