VariableFonts id4

Hi Guys,

When exporting variable fonts, the name ends up as “Fontname Regular” instead of just “FontName”.

Also: For the Italics I need to maintain a separate source file, just to be able to add italic to the name, example: “Fontname ITALIC”
It will be nice if we can generate both versions “single files” and “GX” from the same set of source files.

Source files available at

You are right. I’ll change it.


I’ve noticed that the Mac ID4 for all non-variable fonts also now has the ‘Regular’ added to the ‘FontName’ in 2.4. Previously Mac ID4 ‘FontName’ had no ‘Regular’ appended but other weights did have a weight assigned.

A quick check of the name table in OTM highlights this as a potential issue, which I’m aware is probably lagging behind the latest specs:

I’m curious about how/why ‘Regular’ was added to ID4 in 2.4? I’m guessing maybe as part of the OT1.8 standards? makeotf?

I’m also curious. OT1.9 standard still suggesting it without Regular: Name string examples (OpenType 1.9) - Typography | Microsoft Docs

I just had a look at the spec again. It says that you can omit “Regular” if the style name is already in the family name (if you build from id1+2). But if id17 is “Regular”, you can most certainly keep it.