Variation font in DrawBot

I have a problem with DrawBot seemingly not respecting weight axis values. Tests in Axis-Praxis do show the correct minimum 3o to maximum 240 range and scales accordingly along the slider. In DrawBot however when I cycle through 20 steps of the font from min>max, printing the current font weight variable to screen, it doesn’t match up with the correct weight of the font shown. ie. It’s way too heavy. 176 looks more like 300 (which is also out of bounds :expressionless: ).

The step increments are absolutely correct so I’m totally at a loss.

I realise this is also an issue to raise with DrawBot. Guess I’m wondering if there are any known issues with DrawBot handling the weight axis, anything special to bare in mind. The file seems to be set up correctly per AxisPraxis test. @mekkablue

do you have bracket or brace layers in your font? I found glyphs that use the bracket or brace trick don’t animate or interpolate properly in DrawBot. I’ve been meaning to bring this up on their forums but haven’t.

I do but not in the text string visualised. Thanks for the reply and good to know.

There is no issue with any combination of two out of four of the masters. Initially I thought the black master might have something strange set up but no, it interpolates smoothly from light[1] to black[2].

A third master makes it seem like the linear steps are actually on a curve. Four masters makes an even more dramatic curve that blows the max range but bizarrely settles back on last master as if it has bounced back from out of range. MOST peculiar.

I will test with another 4 master font weight axis and report back.

Are the fonts behave as expected in browsers and other places?

In browsers yes. Seems like a DrawBot issue. I’m exporting the variation fonts out of cutting edge.

Can I send you the files just in case I’ve missed something? I’ll buy you a pretzel next time I bump in to you at Tegel!

I’m only partly online right now. Please send the files and I have a look at it when I’m back at the office.

Thanks Georg!