Varition font GSUB rvrn feature

Is the GSUB feature “rvrn” supported? How do I create it? Thanks.

You can’t manually add the rvrn feature, yet. But if you add bracket layers, to a glyph, Glyphs will add the feature for you.

It’s working on axis praxis or in the adobe programs? I can’t get the jumps work.
I only see it in the preview panel.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Sure Georg, on the way!
Many thanks!

The substituting works fine for me. There are some problems but they are caused by the master coordinates. For variable fonts, all masters need to sit on one line for each axis.

Do you mean to Custom Parameter Variation Font Origin?

No, the actual interpolation values.

Can you explain a little more about what you mean by “all masters need to sit on one line for each axis”?

Thanks . . .

Look here:

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Thanks for this. I see that Source Serif Pro gets away with three masters for two axes. Are there conditions that have to be met for this to work? (I’m working on a font with three axes, and I wouldn’t mind saving myself some labor.)

Depends on the design. The delta vectors calculated from one axis are simply added on top of those from the other axis.

Perhaps try without the 4th master, then add a brace layer at the position of the 4th master, but only in glyphs where it does not add up nicely.

Thanks again. It looks like I won’t be able to get away with omitting any masters for the current project (practically every glyph would need a brace layer!), but I’ll try it later, with another.