VarOT, deltas and one set of outlines

Where I can find more information about making a variable font using just one set of outlines as this article promotes > instead of using MM as this tutorial use? How do I do set up Deltas in my glyph file?


The article is a bit misleading. You must have two or more masters to design the font but only one set of outlines, the one you define as the Default, ends up in the final product.

Follow Rainer’s tutorial and everything will turn out fine.

OTVar Fonts have one set of outlines, true. But that does not say anything about the design and production processes. This is also not what the article is about, btw.

Right. I was confusing that he/she talks about the difference of MM design and VARot that you do not need to draw 2 extremes but instead just 1 and tell the software how you want to move those nodes (deltas) - Am I right or I am misunderstanding all?

There could be other ways to “tell the software how you want to move those nodes”. But for now that is done by having two sets of outlines and let the software compute the differences. I (actually @jkutilek) played around with some more direct methods but that is highly confusing.