Version 1.3.24 (513) and RMX Tuner

I can only use RMX Tuner once with Glyphs 1.3.24 (513). If I try to use Tuner a second time it just presents me with an empty box. Restarting Glyphs allows me to use Tuner again, although sometimes multiple restarts are required.

I saw that. A fix is on the way.

That’s probably the same issue I saw with the Offset Paths filter.

I just uploaded a new beta. I hope this is fixed now.

I get the message that 1.3.24 (513) is still the latest version.

fixed it.

I’m now on Version 1.3.24 (515) and still experiencing the empty dialogs for the RMX Tuner (and also Filter > Transformations).