Version 3062 for variable font preview plugin

Hello everyone!

I am trying to install the new version of the plugin “variable font preview” for glyphs 3, but I can’t find it in my plugin manager window. My guess is that it’s because of my glyphs version. @Mark says it’s necessary to have 3062 and I have 3058.

So I guess I am asking if anyone could tell me how to get the right version. I already tried the “check for updates” and to download it again from the website.

Thank you so much in advance!

Go to user settings > update and mark “cutting edge versions”.
That should get you the latest.

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Deu certo!
Obrigado! :ok_hand:

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Yes, like @rosaiani says. I have also written that in the description :wink:

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Also thank you for the update. The plugin was very nice on glyphs 2, now it’s amazing!


Happy to hear that. Also that you got it running now. Sorry for any invonveniences.