Version string error

I’m working on validating a variable font and I get this error:
FAIL head version is "4.00299" while name version string (for platform 1, encoding 0) is "Version 4.002". [code: mismatch]
I don’t know how to fix this issue.
Below the info panel

Thanks for your help

The version needs to start with the text Version  (note the space). In your case, the version you need to enter is Version 4.003, not just 4.003.

Glyphs will generate such a version text automatically if you do not specify a custom the version text manually. You can delete the custom version text by clicking the minus − button to the right of “Chaine de version”.

Alternatively, if you do want a custom version text, use a placeholder like Version %d.%03d. This will insert the major and minor version numbers from the “Version” field.

Hello @FlorianPircher ,
Thanks for your speedy and very clear answer ! I will update the the font info panel with your answer. :grinning: