Version Update

I’m using MAC Intel OSX 10.6.8

My Current Glyphsapp Version is 1.3.15 (413)
how how can I update to latest released version and is it supported by the above mentioned system ?

Did you buy it in the AppStore? Then update it via the AppStore, or Software Update, respectively.

Got the regular version from this site? Then go to the menu Glyphs > Check for Updates.

So the downloaded version from your site is different from the purchased one at AppStore in that it has a sub-menu {Check for Updates} !!

However in both ways the updater would automatically indicate if the OS can run the recent GlyphsApp version; Doesn’t it?

10.6.6+ is required for all versions of Glyphs.

Just by viewing the lists of changes
It is a kind of depressing to keep working with the Mac App Store version 1.3.19
Is there a way that members of this forum can contact and persuade Apple to adopt the latest 1.2.5

The App Store terms do not allow us handing out cross-upgrades for the regular version.

New updates for the App Store are in the pipeline, though. Because of the verification process involved, updates are less frequent. But OTOS, the App Store version has the advantage of more convenient upgrades through the built-in Software Update.