Version vs. Version string

Hello friends, I have some doubts: in the “version” field, I left it as 1.000, but I would like to enter the information in the “version string” field that it is a beta version of my font. Is it correct to enter 1.0b, or should I include other additional information? How can I securely label my version as beta? Thanks!

The default for the version number of the font is 1.000. The version is stored in two parts in the font, the major and the minor number = parts before and after the dot. Both ar e stored as unsingned integers, so 0.000 is theoretically possible for the number. So, for the number, you could consider zero as major number.

For the version string, you can add whatever you like. Hint: Add the Version String field in Font Info > Font, and set it to Version %d.%03d BETA or something like it. the percentage codes are placeholders for the major and minor numbers, and automatically fill in when you export the font.

Yes, thank you Mekkablue, yes I know about placeholders (I use them in web development), and I feel stupid for not wanting to use them, mainly because I couldn’t find a way to display the font tables (but now I found out and installed FontTableViewer).
Yes, excellent result. This way I only have to worry about updating the whole number before and after the dot.
Thanks again!