Version-warning-alert interferes with macOS “Versions” feature

When using the Versions feature to compare a file with previous versions, Glyphs’s version-warning-dialog is dispatched for each previous version.

The Time-Machine interface seems to not support alerts and is unresponsive. When exiting the Time-Machine interface the Glyphs window remains small and can not be resized. After some delay, all alerts are dispatched and the Glyphs window assumes its normal size.

Director’s commentary:

  • open a Glyphs file
  • the version-waring-dialog is shown (this is OK)
  • the Versions/Time-Machine interface is unresponsive; no version can be selected
  • the entire process is slow; some sequences have been sped up by 400%
  • note the stack of alerts accumulating at the end of the movie at the top edge

Glyphs: 3.0.2 (3053) [with the Versions feature enabled in preferences]; macOS 11.1 (20C69) [Intel]