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(1) Why are there any local guidelines? Does anyone ever use them?

(2) Why are local guidelines even made default? My guess is that 99.9% of the time a user adds a guideline they turn them global instantly. Having to do this each time could be avoided by making them global by default.

(3) If there are local horizontal guidelines then why are there no local vertical guidelines?

Yes. I would keep it like it is but I would respect a vote. So who would like to change it? There are no special horizontal or vertical guides. They just have an angle and the default is horizontal. Double clicking the node add 90°.

(1) Yes, but I often delete local ones after working on that glyph.

(2) Depends on the situation. One time I want global guidelines only, and when I want many, I simply copy & paste. Other time I want to check angle and distance (thickness) of the outlines using local guidelines. I want it the way it is now, but I do want global option added to the info box too. You can do two things with a guideline (measurement and globalise), which cannot be accessed from the same interface, and that’s inconsistent.

(3) As already answered, you can set any guidelines in any angle.

I think the current default as local feels right, but I’d love an info box checkbox for global that Tosche proposes.

What about: Hold down Option when you right-click to create the guideline.

It probably would be good to have Global as the default but I’m perfectly OK with it now. I like Rainer’s suggestion about the modifier key too. I rarely use local ones, just to make a spot check now and then.

It's already there :)
Hmm. I need to explore more; I tend to find the simple things and overlook better ways. :-)

Don’t kill the messenger but I remember FL’s “drag” from rulers and “shift + drag” was very handy. I think you should find something quicker to change local to global.
Otherwise I’m on Tim’s side. I use them mostly globally.

Thanks for that hint about double-clicking the guideline, Georg. I simply was not aware vertical guidelines exist in Glyphs.

As for the global/local default question, maybe there could be simply two entries in the context menu?

I don’t understand that thing about option-right-clicking. For me, it does not do anything.

“I don’t understand that thing about option-right-clicking. For me, it does not do anything.”

When in select (V) mode, the ctrl-click menu includes “Add Guideline.” If you hit Option, it changes to “Add Global Guideline.”

While we’re on wishes for guides, can I bump my suggestion that the “g-trick” to add guidelines after dragging the measurement tool place the node of the new guideline at the end rather than the beginning of the drag?

Ah, thanks for the explanation. That is a behaviour I have never experienced in any app before (probably because I have never tried).

Open some menus in Finder and press the option key…

I’d like to repeat my previous suggestion concerning Guides;
It still lacks the function of “Lock Guides” at least for Global guides .
In many cases, as claimed before; un-intended move of a Global Guide might drastically affect several letterforms before discovering the mistake.
I wish this function would be available in next Glyphsapp release.

Yup, guideline lock is also my most desired feature as regards guidelines.

Also, when I zoom out so that the guideline is not visible anymore, I click somewhere and I still can select and move a guideline, which I don’t want to. What is not visible should not be editable in my opinion.

+1 for guidline lock.