Vertical kerning classes

I can add horizontal kerning classes and pairs by script :

tg = Glyphs.font.glyphs[“a-hira”]
tg.leftKerningGroup = “@Kana_L_a
tg.rightKerningGroup = “@Kana_R_a
Glyphs.font.setKerningForPair(, ‘@Kana_L_a’, ‘i-hia’, -30)

How can I make that for vertical kerning classes ? I found “topKerningGroupId” and “bottomKerningGroupId” properties in GSGlyph core class reference, but I am not sure of these usage.

You need to switch Edit view into vertical text mode, then you can add them in the grey info box.

Top and bottom kerning groups are not yet available in list mode in Font view. I’ll make a note.

Yes, I can edit Top and bottom kerning on vertical text mode.
Do you mean there are no way to copy top and bottom kerning classes and pair settings from an other by script or anything else ?

Yes you can. It is not wrapped yet, so you will have to resort to PyObjC-bridge code:

print myGlyph.topKerningGroup()

print myGlyph.bottomKerningGroup()

Excellent!! thanks.

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