Vertical kerning in cursive attachment

is it possible to vertical kerning in Arabic cursive attachment?
Is there a tutorial for it?

Can you elaborate on what you want to achieve. Vertical kerning is just like other kerning. Cursive attachment overrides any positioning applied before it, so the kerning need to be applied after it, which might be difficult to achieve in Glyphs (at least that was the case last I tried to do something like that).

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Thanks khaled
I want to make a font based on the Nasta’liq structure. I use cursive attachment to connect letters.
but I want to adjust the position of the separate letters relative to the letters before or next in the vertical and horizontal.
kerning settings in glyphs are only horizontal and I am looking for vertical.

Can you post a screenshot?

What I want is image number 2.
I want the letter “noon-ar” to be higher.

Add a cursiv attachment to that pair, too?

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Yes, cursive attachment should work here, too. There is no requirement that cursive attachment be only between joined letters.

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Can I create Contextual “*entry” “*exit” anchore?
Specifically between two letters.
like contextual mark attachment.