Vertical metrics and diacritics

As I made this font, I consulted your tutorial on vertical metrics. However, I’ve run into a problem in which it seems I have to pick between optimal line height which will clip some of my diacritics on one hand, and letting these few very tall diacritics result in an unusually tall line height across the whole font.
Here’s an example:

This /Otildeacute/ is much taller than ascender height, but of course if I double the ascender, the whole font gets a taller line height to accomodate it.
Am I missing any solution possible here?
Thanks guys,

There is no solution for all environments. You can try the “Use Typo Metrics”. That should make the clipping independent from the line height. But not all app will honour that setting.

Thanks for your reply.
I have included it in both the individual instances’ custom parameters and the ones for the font overall.
The tutorial defines "typoAscender : the height of the ascenders in units" so I’m unsure to what I should set it.
Does this mean I should manually set parameters for typoAscender and typoDescender not to mirror ascender and descender - but amount to the actual highest and lowest points in the font, or to a different value?

Well… The tutorial says a little more than the technical definition. It also tells you how it is used by apps. Pick the typoAscender as something you feel looks good as your first baseline offset, it is okay if the top of the acute is not fully visible on the first line, and the typoDescender (and lineGap) as something that adds up to a comfortable line spacing. Sync the hhea values with the typo values. Pick winAscent and winDescent as the bbox maxima. In short, follow the ‘Webfont Strategy’ outlined in the tutorial.

Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

And you should use components:

Thanks Georg.
I do use them, the screenshot was of a generated instance > exported otf.