Vertical metrics difference between G2 and G3

Hi! I’m getting a different vertical alignment in browsers of the same variable font exported from G2 and G3 — even though the vertical metrics of the exported files seems to be the same:

image image

I need to match the font exported from G3 to default G2 vert metrics, but setting the same values doesn’t seem to make it the same. I’m probably missing something, could you please help?
Attaching the files.

Vertical Metrics Test.glyphs (283.6 KB)
VerticalMetricsTestVF.ttf (3.6 KB) (Glyphs 3)
VerticalMetricsTestGX.ttf (3.3 KB) (Glyphs 2)

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This is a duplicate of Variable Font baseline different to instance exports (In browser)

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