Vertical Metrics in myfonts 2

Hallo everybody.

I just read some posts here about the Vertical Metrics - myfonts topic, but I still doen’t get it.
If I release a new font on myfonts, I have to increase the width of ascender and decender-zone to put all my diacritics into it, otherwise the submission will be rejected by myfonts. That sucks! When looking at some existing fonts, they doen’t do this. You can see the diacritics outside the Vertical Metric Zones. How does this work?
Thank you!

Are those fonts you’re talking about from my fonts as well? If so I’d ask the myfonts support why that is the case?
Otherwise: myfonts has strict rules for their releases, other resellers might not have rules that strict regarding vertical metrics.

Yes, they are. See my example of the font “Billy”, which I bought on myfonts. The metrics for Billy are pretty normal with ascender at 800 and descender at -200. So the diacritics are partly above the top line. During the submission of my own font on myfonts, I had to increase the areas of descenders and ascenders, so that all the diacritics are inside. I will ask myfonts. Thanks for your help and a happy new year, hoping this new one will be better than the last one!

There are several sets of vertical metrics in a font. What you might need to change is the winAscend value.
Check this tutorial for details:

Did you check all the vertical metrics values? There are more then just ascender and descender.
There are a lot of things to take care of if you want to generate release ready fonts, I suggest you work through the tutorials you find on the glyphs website and multiple other resources online. Sadly producing fonts doesn’t mean just drawing letters.
There is even a tutorial on vertical metrics in the glyphs tutorial section which is a good start :slight_smile: