Vertical metrics manager stopped working!

on Version 2.6.5 (1308).
It just opens the Macro window and nothing happends

Should already be fixed. Please always make sure you have the latest version.

And to avoid confusion, either make it clear in your forum posting that you are talking about a mekkablue script, or post your bugreport as a GitHub issue:

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Just updated Glyphs + your repo and still does the same, also when update the values on the script window, it doesn’t work.

What is printed in the Macro Window?

Sadly nothing. Just the comment: # type your Python code here and press cmd+Return to run.

No, at the bottom, below the separator line. There must be something. (You may need to drag up the separator.)

Make sure you DISABLED the option Glyphs > Preferences > User Settings > Console for Script Output:


Disabling that checkbox works. Here is the screen:

Fixed it, thank you!
Please update your scripts.

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