Vertical metrics zero

Hi there!
I’m new here, I have been searching information about vertical metrics, but I can’t understand it correctly. I’m not able to do what I’d like to do.
I’d like to set up the vertical metrics on zero. I’d like to set no line spacing between sentences, and I can’t solve it by myself. Could someone help me here please? Thank you very much. :smiley:

UPM: 1000
Ascender: 783
Cap Height: 783
x-height: 522
Descender: 0

Why? And in what app?

This should very likely not be done in font, but in the app you are using the font in. Vertical metrics settings inside the font were not made for prescribing a line spacing to the font user.

Hi! Thanks for answering.
I’m using Glyphs. I’m doing an experimental font, I’d like no line spacing, because it’s for using it as a pattern, and the space between lines is not needed. It doesn’t look well indeed.

In Indesign, the default line spacing is 120% of the UPM. So, if your UPM is 1000, your drawing needs to be 1200 units tall to fill the hole line. In your case, ascender and descender need to be at least the size of the UPM.

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If you only need it inside Glyphs, simply set the EditView Line Height parameter in File > Font Info > Font. But I am not sure my question came across properly: In which app are you intending to use the font?

Ok thank you very much, I’ll try it. Is it the same in the rest of Adobe Suite? And if I use it in Pages or Word? I was looking for some general arrangement for all the programs. Thank you for your help and time! :smiley:

Oh sorry, I didn’t understand. I knew the EditView thing, I thought it was the way it will be looking at the end, but when I export it, doesn’t fit the way I’d like, that’s what I was asking for. How can I change the vertical metrics, for once I have exported it, it looks without line spacing, to use it in diferent programs. I usually work on Adobe Suite, but I’d like it to work in other programs, as pages or word. Thank you! :smiley:

Again, you cannot override user decisions from within the font. In Adobe apps, the default leading is 120% of the UPM, so you could set your UPM to (100÷120=) 83.333% of the height you want. In your case 652. But, of course, the leading can (and is very likely to) be changed by the user.

Same applies to other apps. Pages and Word probably employ very different default leading calculations. But again, these are just the defaults, and they can be changed any time by the user.

Ok, thank you very much. I know the user can change the defaults, in fact, for my experiment is perfect, because the glyphs can overlap between them, and it is interesting. But the idea was to set no line space and then change it in the program used.
I’m going to try what you just said, I hope it works fine with other programs too, if it’s not, I have no more remedy but do it by hand.