Vertical weight adjustments?

Is there a way or a tool where I can adjust the weight only vertically or horizontally? For example: When I create Superior and Inferior Figures with the RMX Tool, it would be great to have a function where I can only adjust the vertical thickness to further improve the Superiors (in this case increase the vertical thickness).

Have you tried using Filter > Offset Curve?

Thanks, yes, Offset Curve is one way of doing it. But it requires height adjustments thereafter and also deleting some extra nodes. I would have though there is an easier way of doing it, especially with MM.

With MM you should try the Remix-tools from Tim Ahrens. They don’t do that specifically but it can be faked by scaling and tuning.

I‘m using the RMX Tools, they are fantastic, hence im surprised there isn’t a feature out there which does what I’m looking for.