VF and statics same sources issue with names

Hi! I have a pair of source files (romans and italics) from I want to get VFs and statics from the same files, so I’m trying different naming setups to get different name in both formats:

The family has optical sizes and I need the statics to be exported with different family names:

Family Name    | Style Name
My Family Text     | Regular
My Family Headline | Regular
My Family Display  | Regular

Then in the VF the optical size part needs to be in the instance name:

Family Name | Named instance
My Family   | Text Regular
My Family   | Headline Regular
My Family   | Display Regular

So far I managed to make this by assigning the “Exports” names in the following way:

  • Style Name: “Semibold” (the value that I need for the static)
  • Localized Family Names: “My Family Text” (To change the Family Name in the statics)
  • Variable Style Names: “Text Semibold” (The name that I need in the VF)

Captura de Pantalla 2021-12-07 a la(s) 00.09.06

So far so good, I get the names as wanted. But the issue is when I add the parameters for the STAT table because is using the Static Style Name as the axis name entry. If I try “inverting the scheme” and using the VF instance name in the Style Name field and the parameter “Localized Style names” for the static style name, the STAT is ok but the ID 1 (in the statics) ends up being “My Family Text Text Semibold” and also the style linking in the statics doesn’t works properly.

I would really appreciate some kind of reference or correction if I’m doing it wrong here.
Thanks in advance

What version of Glyphs do you have?

Latest version 3.04-3105

Can you send me that file?

Sure, I will send you a private message.

Sorry that it took so long.

What do you mean by “inverting the scheme” and why would you apply it.

By inverting the “scheme” I mean using VF instance name as the Style name and setting the parameters to switch the name for the statics.

Did you get the file that I sent you? That file produces names correctly but the STAT entries wrong since they are taken from the “Style Name”.

So the ulterior question is how do you manage to get a file to export VFs and Statics and get the STAT axis values names correct.