View information cut off

Hello! I’ve just downloaded Glyphs 3 and I don’t know why, the information box is cut off. It’s also not centered with the glyph, it’s on the left corner (sometimes it is on the center but it then moves to the left).

I am using El Capitan 10.11.6.

Also, how do I change the app’s language? I don’t see the option in preferences anymore.

Thank you so much!

I’ll have a look at the cut off view.

There is no option to change the language. It will pick up the systems language. There is an option to disable the user language and switch back to English. But that only works if you have English in the list of language in System Preferences (in can be below your local language).

Thank you for your answer!

I just changed the language to English (disabling localization) and the information box stopped being cut off. Although it still moves to the left corner all the time.

I fixed it.

Thank you! :hugs:

cut off box borders in font info glitch (3086):

Which OS?

Big Sur 11.4

I fixed it.