Viewing baseline cascading

Is there a way to view the cursive attachment (cascading style) in Arabic fonts inside the Glyphs App ? I have a angle of 5 degree baseline slope, and the glyphs have entry and exit anchors on the baseline connecting sections.

Should happen automatically once you switch to RTL. Does it not work for you? Which app build are you using?


Other questions:

  1. Does the 1000 UPM ( EM Square) shift up with the cascading?

  2. If No. Do I need to make the glyphs small inside the EM Square to allow vertical shift and not have the words cut vertically?

  3. If Yes. Can I have the glyphs large inside the EM Square and not worry about vertical limitations and possible cutting of letters?

  1. Yes
  2. Good question. But easy to test.

I know that mkmk needs to stay within winAscent/Descent. Cursive attachment I haven’t tried, but I’m pretty sure it will clip at one point. And that point is most certainly different for different apps.