Viewing glyphs that dont have unicodes in Text Preview

I want to see my tabular figures or some stylistic alternates inside the decent amount of text in Text Preview. Is there a way to do?

For instance being able to write glyphs’ names slashed then they appear

/ / / / / / / / / /

Currently, only default features are applied. As a workaround, you can rename the tnum feature to liga or some other feature that is activated by default.

Will this feature be added in the near future? Thanks I’ll give it a try.

I cannot promise anything for the near future, but it is on the list. You might also want to use the FontGoggles app, which offers controls for non-standard features.

For these kinds of apps, you need to keep your OpenType features well-written and export the font. I just wanted to have a live preview for the initial spacing phase without going back and forth through the apps.

For spacing, you can also use the Preview Bar underneath Edit View. Select the Tabular Figures (tnum) feature in the bottom left corner of and click the eye-button next to the feature picker to preview the spacing at any size:

Yes, thank you. My workspace looks like this. Sliding through too many strings is not that useful in Preview Bar. Also, so much text slows down the Edit View as you might know.
Anyways I’ll find the best possible method. Thank you for your suggestions!