Viewing instances in glyphs 3

In Glyphs 3, the info instances panel is now called export, so it doesn’t control viewing while editing, which makes some sense. But now the only way to turn instance view on and off is to one by one manually click on the eyeball icon next to the instance. This is difficult to manage larger amounts of instances. Also, when I turn on and off all the ones I went, when I close and save none of the selections are saved, so every time I have to go through the same process. Also it would be nice if it were possible to choose more than one at a time or a range or all and turn them on or like it was possible to do in version 2. Perhaps this feature could be moved back to the info panel and with extra field for viewing and exporting or something to get some of the selection functionality of Glyphs 2 into Glyphs 3.


Again, this would be saved in a version 3 file. Not sure if it warrants a error when saving in version 2 format.