Viewing Kerning Pairs list, sorted by the second glyph or glyph class in the pair

Is there a way to view the Kerning Pairs list, sorted by the second glyph or glyph class in the pair ?

You can filter for a particular second glyph/class but not sort. I will see what I can do to fix it.

I like the way GA is organized, but I sometimes work for people who prefer to have kerning grouped per letter and not per shape.

Being able to look at the second pair would help me a lot when checking.

Do you/Does your client just want a list? Take a look at the Metrics > Export Kerning Info CSV. It exports a CSV table, which you can open in Excel or Numbers, and sort to your heart’s content.

No, my client doesn’t just want a list. That would be easier.

His way of working, which is another way of looking at it, is to keep kerning organized per character. This makes future alterations or expansion more easier to work with, for example if someone else should be working on it.

Even if this is a special case, I think having the option to sort the kerning the other way around could help in many ways. This would be a good addition to this good software.

Also would like to see this feature!

Is there a method of viewing all glyphs in a specific kerning group?

Edit: I see, “Show All Glyphs” — not available in Glyphs 1, but also a bit troublesome to use in Glyphs 2, i.e. 1. Find the glyph in the Kerning list, 2. Find the button and click 3. Click “Show All Glyphs”

I will see what I can do.

Also kerning list filtering could be improved:

I want to look at only ‘/s’, ‘@s’ related kerning but everything with a ‘s’ in the kerning pair is showing up, e.g. /question, @question, /lslash, /edieresis etc.

EDIT: I see that there is a drop down that I can be more specific with!

Hello – i’m jumping onto that treats since it seems related.
Simple question:

How can i see, for instance, all characters that belong to kerning group “@G”?

Thank you

One (not terribly convenient) way is to view the font window in list mode, then sort by kerning group and scroll to the one you are seeking.

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thank you!
yet … now I can’t seem to find the list mode! Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Switch to the Font tab, then click on the List button in the top left of the window. See the Font View chapter in the Handbook.