"Visual" grid

I guess this is a feature request. I’d love to be able to display a grid without having things snap into it. It would be useful for keeping stem weights or proportions consistent, even when i don´t necessarily want nodes placed at even coordinates in the grid. Any chance this might get implemented? or is it just me being too used to drawing in Illustrator?

I’m pretty new to Glyphs but the way I added a snappable grid to the Glyph creation screen was to adjust the grid spacing in the ‘Other Settings’ tab in Font Info. Get there from the file menu or by hitting cmd+i.

Yes, but the problem is I want a NON snappable grid :slight_smile:

I just added the possibility to have a more subdivisions so that the resulting grid is smaller than 1 unit.

What version do you have?

Are you sure that you don’t what to use integer coordinates? Usually it helps a lot to not have to worry about fractional coordinates. Some even use a smaller UPM to have a more consistent placement of the nodes.

I do want to have my nodes snap to integer coordinates, but I would like to be able to have a different sized grid for purely visual reference.

This is what the grid subdivision is made for. If you have the App Store version you need to wait a little bit. An update is waiting for review.

Just got the new version, thanks so much!